About Us


Our Company

We were founded on the basis of too many over priced and under qualified Marine and Industrial equipment parts and service businesses out there.

With over 40+ years of knowledge, relationships and experience together to form what TMI is today and the outcome has been unprecedented.

We will travel anywhere but are most well known in the Pacific NW (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Hawaii, etc.) and Gulf Coast (Louisiana, Texas, Florida, etc.) of the USA.  


Marine and Industrial Equipment

Whether its parts, equipment or service you are looking for, TMI will make it an affordable and pleasant experience for you!

We service all  Marine vessels from tugs to factory trawlers, from yachts to cruise ships and everywhere in between.  We also service the industrial sector!

We sell and service centrifuges, watermakers, pumps, heat exchangers, oily water separators, oil content meters, MSD systems and much much more.

We are factory trained by companies such as Alfa Laval, US Watermaker, Rivertrace Engineering, DeNora water technologies, Ampco Pumps, and Greenoil Standard just 

to name a few.


The Bottom Line

We are here for you, our customers!  Whether it is for preventive maintenance or the unexpected equipment failure.  We are available 24/7! TMI is affordable and we are highly experienced in what we do.  Let us put your money back to work for you!

Safety and Customer Service are our top priorities. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact us anytime by email or phone! We'd love to hear from you!