US Watermaker, Inc

 US Watermaker, Inc. designs and builds desalinators to supply drinking water to the maritime industry for use in fishing boats, tugboats, and other commercial vessels along with sailboats, pleasure yachts, and US Coast Guard.  

US Watermaker, Inc. works to design their units to be easy to maintain and repair.  We realize that vessels travel all over the world therefore; they use non-proprietary parts in an attempt to make parts more readily available.  In addition, US Watermaker Inc. strives to maintain an adequate inventory of parts and supplies to be able to ship with no lead time.

Spare Parts

In addition to US Watermaker Inc. spare parts.  Technical Marine & Indsutrial, LLC provides spare parts for the following for your Watermaker needs.


  • Alfa Laval
  • Riley-Beaird

Reverse Osmosis 

  • US Watermaker